What Value do Holy Land Tours Have for Christians

Many people wish to visit the Holy Land, but why should Christians, specifically, visit? What value do Holy Land Tours have for Christians in particular? The answer to that question is vast.

Most Christians study the Bible regularly. The Bible holds truth and meaning in their lives. A pilgrimage to the Holy Land is a way to bring that truth and meaning to life and feel closer to God. It allows Christians to visit the sites in the Bible that are important sites to the Christian faith, sites they learned about so many times in their studies, and brings them to life right before their eyes. Walking where Jesus walked, bathing in the Jordan river and re-dedicating themselves to their beloved God and faith just as Jesus was baptized brings the most true feelings of belief, unlike just the written pages could ever provide.


 Via Dolorosa            Hall of the Last Supper         


Holy Land Tours that are compiled specifically for Christians are dedicated to joining Christians to all the most important places throughout the Bible and History that relate to the Christian Faith, breeding new understanding and bonds to the Bible verses and to the religion itself. Seeing and feeling the sites, hearing the tales and having it play out before you like a magical storybook validates everything within the Bible and helps you to see it in a new and deeper way. Don’t just hear about how Jesus walked along the shores of the Sea of Galilee. Walk along those same shores yourself, literally, figuratively and spiritually following in his hallowed footsteps.


Boat ride on the Sea of Galilee            Mount of Beatitudes


Increased spiritual education. Increased faith. Increased knowledge and understanding. Stronger bonds to the land, the Bible, the faith. All these reasons and many more answer the age old question of what value do Holy Land tours have for Christians.


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